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SmarchPawz Tip #1 - Keeping you and your dog occupied during this quarantine

Posted by SmarchPawz on May 26, 2020


At this point, the majority of us have begun to feel the side effects of being stuck inside our homes during the quarantine. Whether it be boredom, fatigue, or just a lack of energy, at least we can understand what’s happening around us. Our furry friends, on the other hand don’t. Many dogs need stimulation to stay happy and healthy, and the obvious, to stay out of trouble. Some fun and active games will do just the trick, and at the same time will keep you active and healthy as well.

  • Play some smelling games with your dog: Hide treats around the house and let your dog explore and go find them.
  • Change up your walk routine: Daily walks can get a little boring if you're going on the same route daily. Switch it up, and explore new neighborhoods. Allowing your dog to smell their surroundings adds mental stimulation.
  • Use interactive toys: Using food dispensing toys, is an easy way to give your dog some more mental stimulation and relieve dog boredom.
  • Play a game of hide and seek: These are great for those rainy days where you can’t go out. Hide and seek might not seem all that complex or entertaining but a lot of dogs get a real kick out of it.
  • Making sure they're comfy: During those rainy days, there's nothing better then crawling into bed and watching a movie right? Well same for your pooch! Nothing better than laying on their favorite cozy bed, chewing their favorite chew toy until they decide to take a nice nap! 

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